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Hi! I'm Felix

I believe therapy is for everyone, for any reason, and that we shouldn’t have to wait for things to get bad before we reach out.

I specialise in working with personal identity, creating change, and supporting people with thoughts or past experience of suicide, and their loved ones.

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My Story

I named my practice Unmask Therapy because I want to talk about the ways we're taught to minimise ourselves, mask our quirks, and ignore our needs in favour of other's comfort. I spent years in therapy and it wasn't until I was diagnosed with ADHD that I realised how much well-meaning advice from family and professionals wasn't designed for my brain.

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Suddenly it wasn't just me being lazy or stupid or rude, there were whole communities of people who shared my struggles. Together we Make Sense, and I want to share that feeling with as many people as I can.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my 30s, and before that I'd struggled my way through high school, barely scraped through my counselling degree, and failed a handful of attempts at further education after that. I found work that suited me, but I also burned out of work that didn't, and had no explanations as to why it had been so hard or why just couldn't "get it".

Along the way I found connection in my communities - my counselling peers, my artsy friends, and definitely in the queer community that helped me understand myself so much better.

Together we Make Sense, and I want to share that feeling with as many people as I can.


These are some of types of conversations I have the most, and areas I'm constantly looking to learn more about. They're not the only things I talk about (and are almost never the only thigns that come up in people's lives!) but are "frames" for a lot of our converstions

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term for all the different ways our brains can work. Being neurodiverse means your brain works in slightly (or greatly) different way to the mainstream, and can be a source of great passion, but also pain when your ways of being don't match up to what people expect of you.

It can be scary coming to therapy and not knowing if your therapist is going to argue about who you are or make you feel unsafe. So just as much as I'm here to talk about sexuality and gender identity, I'm just as much here to talk about everything in your life while making sure you know that you're welcome to share it.

There are plenty of forces in our lives that want to convince us that we’re the problem, and that we need to be fixed by changing who we are into what those forces want us to be. Narrative Therapy is one way to explore alternate ways of being, and better understand our own values and motivations.


Queer Counselling
Narrative Therapy

How will we work together?

That's up to you! (No pressure.)

Currently most of my work is one-on-one individual counselling and ADHD coaching, where you and I talk through your experienes together. The focus is on you and your experiences, and how you understand your life. I'll help you consider your context, ask questions, and help explore with you. While i love Narrative Therapy, we'll talk about counselling styles that you're interested in (if any), or things that I think might be helpful, and create plans and goals together.

You can ask me questions, intruppt me, and disagree at any time, because it's your space to make whatever you need.

Check out my Counselling and Coaching pages to learn about the differences between them!

Image by Linus Nylund
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